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Although most bed wetting may be considered as a part of their growing up, this can cause some psychological, emotional and social problems. Children may grow up without much confidence in themselves especially when parents and other family members say some demeaning words to them. Parents have to be aware of the possible effects of the problem especially on the way children look and feel about themselves because of this problem.

Children who are wetting themselves may feel guilt as well as shame which can be worsened by the reactions of the other family members especially the parents. Children themselves do not like to be suffering from this kind of problem so parents have to see to it that they are able to help them cope with it. Instead of punishing or scolding them, parents may think better ways how they can possible lessen the problem and how they can avoid the negative issues that come out of it.

Aside from developing low self-esteem and low self-confidence, children may also suffer in the social aspect. They may not want to participate in activities that would require them to sleep in another house or place. Children may not also feel comfortable if they have to go with their families on vacation trips as they fear about wetting the beds in hotels or another person’s bed. These things can greatly affect their developmental rate when it comes to their social adjustments. They may carry their negative feelings about themselves until they become adults and when they are into relationships with others.

The methods of parents in dealing with the bedwetting problems of children may ease their work like letting them wear baby diapers at night. However, children who are asked to wear it at night may not feel so good about the idea of having to do it. They may feel that they are somehow unable to meet the expectations of their parents and they may also feel emotionally devastated. There are better ways how parents can help their children without necessarily causing more problems for their children.

Parents have to understand that the psychological and the social problems that may arise because of the bed wetting problems of their children may have profound effects on them which they can carry until their adult life. Parents have to include learning about how they can avoid these negative effects so that their children can overcome the problem without necessarily having to suffer so much from it. They have to guide and help their children think more positively about themselves while they work together in stopping the bed wetting problems.

There are ways that you can help your child to their bed wetting problems. You need to explain that adult bed wetting problems is normal but before it goes to bed, you have to remind them to go to the toilet. Also, you need to limit the drinks you give to your child before bedtime.

Most experts report the following bed wetting statistics:

15% of children will still wet the bed at age 5.
7-10% of children will still wet the bed at age 7.
~3% of children still wet the bed at age 10.

The Nytone bedwetting alarm combines a safe and simple monitoring device with a training program which teaches children to react to their bed wetting while it is happening, helping the child to overcome the problem once and for all.

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